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The Season of Lent


The month of March will find the Church bustling with activities as we begin the season of Lent.

Lent is a “period of penitential preparation for Easter.”  And though I love the alliterative bounce of the Encyclopedia Britannica entry, it might be better to say that Lent is a time in which the Church reflects on our need for grace through a time of active repentance.  Most people take the grace of God for granted (…alliteration).  We easily forget that we are not good in the sight of God, and the grace of God can be replaced with a Pharisaical self-satisfaction. When we forget the grace that we have received, then we also forget the grace we are commanded to give others.

Lent is a time in which the Church remembers our sin and God’s grace. It helps us to proactively consider our need for salvation and God’s desire that the world receive that which we have enjoyed. In short, Lent is a time in which we remember why we do the things that Churches do.

We remember the plight of human sin and suffering.  We remember that we are all deserving of death.  We remember the cost of our salvation in the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.  And we remember the glories of His resurrection that foretells our own life after death.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which this year will be celebrated on March 2. First Baptist Church will have a worship service beginning at 7:00 pm on Ash Wednesday.  It will involve the imposition of Ashes, a time to recognize God’s grace, and the celebration of Communion.

Our celebration of Lent will continue in the following weeks as we gather for a Lenten program each Wednesday at 6:00.  Our program will include a meal and a time for common study and reflection.  This year we will be gathering around Scot McKnight’s book, 40 Days for Living The Jesus Creed.  Based on his book The Jesus Creed, McKnight divides the study into 40 daily reflections to help us to remember the call of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.  The book is available through Amazon and Kindle, and Pastor Dan has ordered a dozen used copies that can be purchased for $5.

We look forward to having you participate in our Lenten activities as we move toward our Easter celebration.