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Caring for one another has never been more important than it is during these times of uncertainty. Having never before been told to remain in our homes, venturing out only for necessities, is unprecedented, and, quite frankly, difficult for many to accept. Never-the-less, we march onward knowing that God is with us and will provide for our needs.

Sequestered in our homes does provide opportunities of more time that may be used to send cards and notes to others, text messages, and engage in a longer than usually possible phone conversation, catching up with members of our church family. While in person visits are no longer an option, it’s still possible to use the time said visits would take to call, text, or send a note.

Those church family members who have been unable to leave their homes due to illness or infirmity before the COVID-19 pandemic will especially appreciate a contact, as they have not been able to go out for some time. It isn’t the same as a hug, squeezing a hand or shoulder, for sure, but it is still possible to convey one’s love and caring in these other ways.

In the 167 years since the founding of First Baptist, we have met many challenges and we will care for one another in this one as well.