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Did you know that 90% of your friends and neighbors in Toledo and across the United States of America are unchurched?

Did you know that Jesus has called us, the people of the body of Christ in the local Church, to share Jesus with the world and invite our neighbors to believe and worship?

The need is clear, yet we have another question that we will impulsively ask; what can we do?

The task seems so large and we feel so powerless and small.  The good news is that we are not alone.  Together with our sister Churches in the region and in the power of the Holy Spirit we have been given an opportunity to reach our neighbors.  All of them.

In the month of November, First Baptist Church of Greater Toledo will have the opportunity to link arms with Churches across the region and deliver the story of Jesus in DVD and streaming formats to people of different languages and cultural backgrounds.  Each of you will have the chance to participate in this important and transformational ministry.  Volunteers will collate and deliver DVDs and information about local Churches and the gospel of Jesus Christ to every home and apartment in our area.

Jesus is calling.  Will you answer the call?