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Please join us at our annual meeting on Sunday, January 30, immediately following worship. The annual meeting this year will include voting on both budget and leadership for 2022 and will also share a new direction.  2020 and 2021 gave us the opportunity to reset and to establish some of the ministries that we had dreamed about for years. 2022 gives us the opportunity, with the potential lifting of COVID-19, to move forward in a new way and to grow into the future. To do this, we will have to operate in a new way. Instead of spending our energies managing the Church, we will have to find new ways to be entrepreneurial, expand and grow. We believe that 2022 is the year that God will show us the way to a new future.  This future includes you, your children, grandchildren, and people that have yet to be revealed to us. We hope and pray that you will be an active part of our tomorrows and we thank you for your continued work and support at First Baptist Church.